Hardwood Floor Installation in Madison WI and surrounding areas

Elite Flooring professionals have over 15 years of experience and have handled almost every possible flooring challenge. Because of this, we have hardwood floor installation down to a science.

We have a 5 step process and will work with you through the whole job to make it as easy as possible.

If you plan to install new hardwood floors in your home, schedule an appointment for a free estimate. Free consultation is included.
We’ll work with you to select the hardwood floors that best fit your lifestyle.
We assess each situation differently and devise preparation work tailored for each custom hardwood flooring project. Each project may be subjected to:
Demolition – We remove and dispose of existing floor, carpet, or tiles.
Subfloor Work – Installing proper subfloors (i.e. plywood), moisture barriers, or silencers.
Leveling – Smoothing out the ground or subfloors to ensure consistency.
Prior to installing your floors, we allow the wood to assimilate itself in the environment of the project. Proper acclimation ensures the longevity and quality of your custom hardwood floors.
We ask our clients to remove all items from the working area until completion.
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