hardwood floor Refinishing & Resurfacing

Is your floor seriously damaged with deep scratches or warped boards?  Does your floor have noticeable wear and tear, Elite Hardwood Flooring can resurface/refinish your hardwood floor.  

We remove the existing finish, which removes surface scratches, scuff marks, dull areas, and discoloration.  We then sand the floorboards down to the bare wood, stain them with the color of your choice, and seal and coat them with high-quality polyurethane. 


hardwood floor staining

After refinishing and resurfacing, Elite Hardwood Flooring can stain your floors to make them look brand new. We offer a variety of stain colors, you can choose from a variety of options to enhance the beauty of your home.

Hardwood floor staining can be a very tricky process, but the experienced professionals at Elite Hardwood Flooring can produce breathtaking results and give your house a whole new look.

hardwood floor repair

Has your hardwood flooring seen better days? Maybe it has stains or damaged areas that just can not be fixed by a simple refinishing.

If so, we have to knowledge and skill to repair any type of hardwood flooring in your home. We can carefully remove damaged or stained wood flooring caused by water damage, pet stains, or potted plants and replace with new flooring to give your hardwood floor a completely refreshed look!